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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2011Fluctuations and averaging of proton chemicals shifts in the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor?Hoch, Jeffrey C; Dobson, Christopher M; Karplus, Martin
15-Jul-2011Kinetics of oxidation of some aromatic hydrocarbons by quinolinium dichromateSarma, Girish Chandra
16-Jul-2011Molecular orbital calculations on some metalloporphyrins and related systemsBhattacharjee, Kaushik Kumar
18-Jul-2011Some aspects of mixed-ligand complexes of manganese, peroxo compounds of molybdenum and biomimetic chemistry of vanadium bromoperoxidaseMandal, Gagan C
18-Jul-2011Studies on peroxo, fluoro (peroxo), and fluoro compounds of phosphorous and hetero-ligand peroxo compounds of zirconium and uraniumBhattacharjee, Manish
10-Jul-2011Studies on some aspects of molecular complexesBhattacharjee, Bharati
25-Jul-2011Synthesis, structural assessment and some reaction profiles of peroxo complexes of V, Mo and UO22+, a fluoro compund of Cr and mixed-ligand molecular complexes of the type M (acac)2(dmpz)n (dmpz=3, 5-dimethylpyrazole, M=Mn, Co, Ni; n=2, M=Vo2+; n=1, and M=UO22+; n=4)Dey, Deepa
25-Jul-2011Part A: Studies on polarized keten -S, S - and S, N - acetals Part B: Studies on reactions of trimethylammoniumcyanomethylid: A novel ammoniumylidBhattacharjee, Shakti S
25-Jul-2011Kinetics and mechanism of reduction of some metal ions by sodium tetrahydroborateDasgupta, Sunita
25-Jul-2011Synthetic and mechanistic investigations on polarized ketene dithioacetals for the development of newer synthetic methodsSingh, Laitonjam Warjeet