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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2011Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization of tribenzyltin(IV) complexes of polyaromatic carboxylic acid ligands: crystal and molecular structures of Bz3Sn[O2CC6H4-{N=N(C6H3-4-Oh(C(H)=NC6H4X-4))}-0](OH2)(X=-C1, -OCH3)Basu Baul, Tushar S; Singh, Keisham Surjit; Linden, Anthony; Song, Xueqing; Eng, George
9-Nov-2011Synthesis and characterization of triphenyltin(IV) 5-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl]-2-hydroxybenzoates. Crystal and molecular structures of Ph3Sn{O2CC6H3-p-OH[NN(C6H4-4-CH3)]} and the 2,2' - bipyridine adduct Ph3Sn{O2CC6H3-p-OH[N=N(C6H4-2-CH3)]}OH2 . C10H8N2Basu Baul, Tushar S; Rynjah, Wandondor; Rivarola, Eleonora; Linden, Anthony
23-Mar-2010Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures and multinuclear NMR characterization of Hg(II) complexes of 2-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl] pyridineBasu Baul, Tushar S; Lycka, Antonin; Butcher, Ray; Smith, Frank E
29-Mar-2010Correlating mossbauer and solution - and solid-state 117Sn NMR data with x-ray diffraction structural data of triorganotin 2-[(E)-1-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)-1-diazenyl]benzoatesWillem, Rudolph; Verbruggen, Ingrid; Gielen, Marcel; Biesemans, Monique; Mahieu, Bernard; Basu Baul, Tushar S; Tiekink, Edward R T
8-Jul-2010Synthesis, characrerization and x-ray structure of diphenyltin (IV) N-(2-Hydroxyacetophenone) glycinate, its 1:1 adduct with triphenyltin (IV) chloride, and related systemsDaktenieks, Dainis; Basu Baul, Tushar S; Dutta, Sushmita; Tiekink, Edward R T
23-Feb-2011Synthesis and characterization of tribenzyltin(IV) and dibenzyltin(IV) complexes of 2-{[(2Z)-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-2-butenylidene]amino}acetic acid: crystal structure of tribenzyl{2-{[(2Z)-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-2-butenylidene]amino}acetato}tin(IV)Basu Baul, Tushar S; Masharing, Cheerfulman; Rivarola, Eleonora; Smith, Frank E; Butcher, Ray
23-Feb-2011Re-visiting of 5-{(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl}-quinolin-8-ol with tweaking of Sn-Ph groups: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and X-ray crystallographyBasu Baul, Tushar S; Mizar, Archana; Rivarola, Eleonora; Englert, Ulli
3-Dec-2010Synthesis, crystal structures, cytotoxicity and qualitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) of cis-bis{5-[(E)-2-(aryl)-1-diazenyl]quinolinolato} di-n-butyltin(IV) complexes, nBu2Sn(L)2Basu Baul, Tushar S; Mizar, Archana; Chandra, Asit K; Song, Xueqing; Eng, George; Jirasko, Robert; Holcapek, Michal; Vos, Dick de; Linden, Anthony
30-Apr-2011Dibutyltin(IV) complexes of the 5-[(E)-2-(Aryl)-1-diazenyl]-2-hydroxybenzoic acid ligand: an investigation of structures by X-ray diffraction, solution and solid state tin NMR, electrospray ionisation MS and assessment of in vitro cytotoxicityBasu Baul, Tushar S; Rynjah, Wandondor; Willem, Rudolph; Biesemans, Monique; Verbruggen, Ingrid; Holeapek, Michal; Vos, Dick de; Linden, Anthony
27-Mar-2010The synthesis and structural characterization of some triorganotin (IV) complexes of 2-{[(E)-1-(2-hydroxyaryl) alkylidene]amino} acetic acid. Crystal and molecular structures of Ph3Sn(2-OHC6H4C(H)=NCH2COO) and Me3Sn(2-OHC6H4C(CH3)=NCH2COO)Basu Baul, Tushar S; Dutta, Sushmita; Rivarola, Eleonora; Butcher, Ray; Smith, Frank E