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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2012Oxygen Free Radicals and Their Biomedical Implications: A Mini ReviewSharan, R N; Odyuo, M M; Purkayastha, S
13-Apr-2012Betal nut and susceptability to cancerSharan, Rajesh N; Choudhury, Yashmin
13-Apr-2012Oxygen free radicals and their biomedical implications: A mini reviewSharan, R N; Odyuo, M M; Purkayastha, S
11-Apr-2012Biotechnology for sustainable development: Achivements and challenges: A commemoration volume on the occasion of the 75th Birth Anneversary of Prof A B PrasadSharan, R N, Jt. Editor; Hasnain, Seyed E, Editor; Jha, Rashmi Bhavanath, Jt. Editor
1-Dec-2010Proteomic and genomic modulations induced by c-irradiation of human blood lymphocytesTurtoi, Andrei; Sharan, Rajeshwar N; Srivastava, Alok; Schneeweiss, Frank H A
1-Dec-2010Quantitative evaluation of EDTA and ethanol for their ability to afford protection against ºOH and ROS generating chemical system: DNA strand breaks in pMTa plasmid DNA in vitroOdyuo, M Meriyani; Sharan, Rajeshwar N
1-Dec-2010Betel nut and susceptibility to cancerSharan, R N; Choudhury, Yashmin
1-Dec-2010Ultrastructural alterations in liver of mice exposed chronically and transgenerationally to aqueous extract of betel nut: Implications in betel nut-induced carcinogenesisChoudhury, Yashmin; Sharan, Rajeshwar N
1-Dec-2010Altered BRCA1 and BRCA2 responses and mutation of BRCA1gene in mice exposed chronically and transgenerationally to aqueous extract of betel nut (AEBN)Choudhury, Yashmin; Sharan, Rajeshwar N
1-Dec-2010Proteomic and genomic approach to understanding γ-radiation induced early cellular response: Biotechnology in radiation countermeasuresSharan, R N; Turtoi, A; Srivastava, A; Schneeweiss, F H A
28-Nov-2010ADP - Ribose polymer - A novel and general biomarker of human cancers of head & neck, breast and cervixLakadong, Rennie; Kataki, Amal C; Sharan, R N
7-Apr-2010Effects of Tritiated water ingection on mice : II.Damage at cellular vis-a-vis sub-cellular monitored up to four generationsSrivastava, P N; Sharan, R N; Pazzi, Laura
10-Mar-2010What do we know about tritium?Sharan, R N; Das, Padma; Srivastava, P N
10-Mar-2010Influence of histone acetylation on the modification of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins by ADP-ribosylation in responce to free radicalsBohm, Lothar; Schneeweiss, F H A; Sharan, R N; Feinendegen, Ludwig E
10-Mar-2010Biological effects induced by swift heavy ions of lithium on aqueous solution of plasmid pMTa4Humtsoe, J O; Schneeweiss, F H A; Srivastava, A; Sarma, A; Sharan, R N
10-Mar-2010Detection and quantification of poly-ADP-ribosylated cellular proteins of spleen and liver tissues of mice in vivo by slot and Western blot immunoprobing using polyclonal antibody against mouse ADP-ribose polymerSharan, R N; Devi, B Jaylata; Humtsoe, J O; Saikia, Jyoti R; Kma, L
10-Mar-2010Effect of y-radiation on the ratio of [18F]2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose to glucose utilization in human glioblastoma cells in vitroSchneeweiss, F H A; Sharan, R N; Hautzel, H; Muller-Gartner, H W
10-Mar-2010Responce of high mobility group proteins of human kidney T1 and Murine L 929 cell lines to heat shockSchneeweiss, F H A; Mukherjee, A S; Sharan, R N; Feinendegen, L E; Muller-Gartner, H W
10-Mar-2010A strong static magnetic field inhabits the poly-ADP-ribosylation of proteins in human kidney T1-cellsSchneeweiss, F H A; Xia, F; Sharan, R N; Feinendegen, L E
10-Mar-2010Association of betel, nut with carcinogenesisSharan, R N
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35