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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2010Cycas circinalis-anabaena cycadeae symbiosis: Photosynthesis and the enzymes of nitrogen and hydrogen metabolism in symbiotic and cultured anabaena cycadeaePerraju, B T V V; Rai, A N; Kumar, A P; Singh, H N
8-Dec-2010Metabolic changes associated with akinete germination in the cyanobacterium anabaena doliolumRai, A N; Rao, V V; Singh, H N
6-Dec-2010Regulation of nitrate reductase in cyanobacteria. Repression-derepression control of nitrate reductase aproprotein in the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumBagchi, S N; Rai, A N; Singh, H N
8-Dec-2010Glutamate inhibition of aerobic N2 fixation and its regulation by nitrate and ammonium in cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumSingh, A K; Verma, S K; Singh, H N; Rai, A N
8-Dec-2010Regulation of nitrogen transport, nitrogen metabolism and extracellular production of ammonia in the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumSingh, H N; Rai, A N; Singh, A K; Verma, S K; Katiyar, S
3-Dec-2010Methylammonium (ammonium) uptake in a glutamine auxotroph of the cyanobacterium anabaena cycadeaeSingh, D T; Rai, A N; Singh, H N
6-Dec-2010Metabolic activities of akinetes of the cyanobacterium anabaena doliolum: Oxygen exchange, photosynthetic pigments and enzymes of nitrogen metabolismRao, V V; Rai, A N; Singh, H N
6-Dec-2010Nitrate reductase activity in isolated heterocysts of the cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumKumar, A P; Rai, A N; Singh, H N
6-Dec-2010The biology of cyanobacterial (Blue-green algae) akinetes (Spores)Rai, A N; Rao, V V; Singh, H N
6-Dec-2010Regulation of ammonium/methylammonium transport by ammonium in the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilisRai, A N; Singh, D T; Singh, H N