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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2010Immunogold localization of glutamine synthetase in the cyanobionts of the lichens peltigera aphthosa and peltigera caninaHallbom, L; Bergman, Birgitta; Rai, A N
8-Dec-2010Cycas circinalis-anabaena cycadeae symbiosis: Photosynthesis and the enzymes of nitrogen and hydrogen metabolism in symbiotic and cultured anabaena cycadeaePerraju, B T V V; Rai, A N; Kumar, A P; Singh, H N
8-Dec-2010Transport of inorganic nitrogen in cyanobacteria and its relevance in use of cyanobacteria as biofertilizersRai, A N; Prakasham, R
8-Dec-2010Cyanobacteria in symbiosisRai, A N
8-Dec-2010Cyanobacteria in symbiosis: A reviewRai, A N
14-Dec-2010Role of cyanobacteria in cadmium bioremediation in rice fieldsBhattacharjee, Amrita; Nongrum, Natasha A; Syiem, mayashree B; Adhikari, Samrat; Rai, Amar Nath
16-Dec-2010Induction of sporulation by sulphate limitation in nostoc ANTH, a symbiotic strain capable of colonizing roots of rice plantsKyndiah, Omarlin; Rai, Amar Nath
20-Dec-2010Nitrogen metabolism, aritificial association study in two cyanobacterial isolates and assessment of their potential as biofertilizerSyiem, Mayashree Borthakur; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Rai, Amar Nath; Khumanthem, Nonibala; Singh, Rajkumar Somendrajit; Adhikari, Samrat; Bhattacharjee, Amrita
18-Feb-2011Methylammonium/ammonium transport and metabolism in the heterocystous cyanobacteria: Anabaena 7120 and nostoc ANTHPrakasham, R; Rai, A N
3-Dec-2010Methylammonium (ammonium) uptake in a glutamine auxotroph of the cyanobacterium anabaena cycadeaeSingh, D T; Rai, A N; Singh, H N