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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2010Functional ureogenesis and adaptation to ammonia metabolism in Indian freshwater air-breathing catfishesSaha, Nirmalendu; Ratha, B K
9-Mar-2010Short-term regulation of bile secretionHaussinger, D; Graf, D; Reinehr, R; Kurz, A K; Saha, Nirmalendu; Wettstein, M; Schliess, F; Vom Dahl, S; Rubitz, R
23-Aug-2010Comparative study of ureogenesis in freshwater, air-breathing teleostsSaha, Nirmalendu; Ratha, B K
16-Aug-2010Types of carbamyl phosphate synthetases and subcellular localization of urea cycle and related enzymes in air breathing walking catfish, clarius batrachusSaha, Nirmalendu; Das, Lipika; Dutta, Supiya
23-Mar-2010Effectsof anisotonicity on pentose-phosphate patheay, oxidized glutathione release and t-butylhydroperoxide-induced oxidative stress in the perfused liver of air-breathing catfish, clarias batrachusSaha, Nirmalendu; Goswami, Carina
29-Mar-2010Role of ureogenesis in tackling problems of ammonia toxicity during exposure to higher ammonia in the air-breathing walking catfish clarias batrachusSaha, Nirmalendu; Datta, Shritapa; Biswas, Kuheli; Kharbuli, Zaiba Y
3-Apr-2010Ureogenesis in Indian air-breathing teleosts: adaptation to environmental constraintsSaha, Nirmalendu; Ratha, B K
3-Apr-2010Induction of ureogenesis in perfused liver of a freshwater teleost, heteropneustes fossilis, infused with different concentrations of ammonium chlorideSaha, Nirmalendu; Dkhar, J; Ratha, B K
3-Apr-2010Stimulation of ureogenesis in the perfused liver of an Indian air-breathing catfish, clarias batrachus, infused with different concentration of ammonium chlorideSaha, Nirmalendu; Das, L
31-Mar-2010Role of amino acid metabolism in an air-breathing catfish, clarias batrachus in response to exposure to a high concentration of exogenous ammoniaSaha, Nirmalendu; Dutta, Supiya; Bhattacharjee, Arundhati