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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2011Molecular identification of the Indian liver fluke, fasciola (Trematoda: Fasciolidae) based on the ribosomal internal transcribed spacer regionsPrasad, P K; Tandon, V; Biswal, D k; Goswami, L M; Chatterjee, A
1-Apr-2010Stereoscan observations on the tegumental surface of catatropis indicus Srivastava, 1935Tandon, V; Roy, B
31-Mar-2010Molecular characterization of gastrodiscoides hominis (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda: Digenea) inferred from ITS rDNA sequence analysisGoswami, L M; Prasad, P K; Tandon, V; Chatterjee, A
31-Mar-2010Status of helminthiasis in livestock of Northeast IndiaTandon, V; Roy, B
24-Apr-2010Surface fine topography and PCR-based determination of metacercaria of paragonimus sp. From edible crabs in Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast IndiaTandon, V; Prasad, P K; Chatterjee, A; Bhutia, P T
21-Apr-2010On Getiosaccus gilberti N. SP. (Trematoda: Pronocephalidae) from chelone mydas (Linn), a marine turtle from the gulf of mannar (India)Tandon, V; Gupta, N K
28-Apr-2010Four new species of the genus lytocestus (Caryophyllidea, Lytocestidae) from edible catfishes in Assam and Meghalaya, IndiaTandon, V; Arty, R Chakrav; Das, B
29-Apr-2010Preliminary survey of gastro-intestinal helminth infection in herbivorous livestock of mountainous regions of Bhutan and Arunachal PradeshTandon, V; Kar, P K; Das, B; Sharma, B; Dorjee, J
9-Apr-2010On some already known pronocephalids (Trematoda : Pronocephalidae) with a discussion on the synonymy of pleurogonius linfaris looss, 1901 with P. Longisculus looss, 1901 and an emended key to the species of the genus pleurogonius looss, 1910Tandon, V; Gupta, N K
21-Apr-2010In vitro anthelmintic activity of root-tuber extract of flemingia vestita, an indigenous plant in Shillong, IndiaTandon, V; Pal, P; Roy, B; Rao, H S P; Reddy, K S