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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2010On a plagiorchiid trematode (Enodiotrematinae Baer, 1924) from a marine turtle, eretmochelys imbricata (Linn.) from the gulf of mannar (India)Gupta, N K; Mehrotra, Veena
31-Mar-2010Anticestodal efficacy of Lasia spinosa extract against experimental Hymenolepis diminuta infections in ratsTemjenmongla; Yadav, Arun K
5-Apr-2010Anticestodal activity of trifolium repens extractTangpu, Vareishang; Temjenmongla, Kumar; Yadav, Arun k
2-Dec-2010Antidiarrheal activity of lithocarpus dealbata and urena lobata extracts: therapeutic implicationsYadav, Arun K; Tangpu, Vareishang
5-Dec-2010Hoofworm infection: a cross-sectional study of a rural community in a subtropical, high-rainfall area of Meghalaya, IndiaLyndem, Larisha M; Tandon, V; Yadav, Arun k
2-Dec-2010Nematode parasite infections of domestic pigs in a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of IndiaYadav, Arun K; Tandon, Veena
8-Dec-2010Leiperocotyle meghalayensis sp. nov. (trematoda: paramphistomidae: orthocoeliinae) a new parasite of cattle (bos indicus linnaeus) in IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
16-Dec-2010Occurrence of orthocoelium dinniki eduardo, 1985 and orthocoelium parvipapillatum (Stiles and Goldberger, 1910) eduardo, 1985 among bos indicus and ovis aries in IndiaRoy, Bishnupada; Tandon, Veena
2-Dec-2010Gastrointestinal nematode infections of goats in a sub-tropical and humid zone of IndiaYadav, Arun K; Tandon, Veena
2-Dec-2010Prevalence of nematode parasites of livestock in some North-East states of IndiaYadav, Arun K; Tandon, Veena