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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Mar-2010Changes in glutathione-related enzymes in tumor-bearing mice after cisplatin treatmentKhynriam, D; Prasad, S B
9-Mar-2010Changes in endogenous tissue glutathione level in relation to murine ascites tumor growtth and the anticancer activity of cisplatinKhynriam, D; Prasad, S B
9-Mar-2010Hematotoxicity and blood glutathione levels after cisplatin treatment of tumor-bearing miceKhynriam, D; Prasad, S B
9-Mar-2010Anthelmintic efficacy of extract of Stephania glabra and aerial root of extract of trichosanthes multiloba in vitro: two indigenous plants in Shillong, IndiaTandon, Veena; Lyndem, L M; Kar, P K; Pal, P; Das, B; Rao, H S P
9-Mar-2010A new hemiurid parasite of the genus Lecithocladium Luhe, 1901 with revised key to Indian species of genusGupta, N K; Mehrotra, Veena
9-Mar-2010Amphistome fauna of ruminants in Himachal PradeshTandon, Veena; Sharma, Virinder
8-Mar-2010Expression of ornithine-urea cycle enzymes in early life stages of air-breathing walking catfish Clarias batrachus and induction of ureogenesis under hyper-ammonia stressKharbuli, Zaiba Y; Datta, Shritapa; Biswas, Kuheli; Sarma, Debajit; Saha, Nirmalendu
8-Mar-2010Cell volume regulation in the perfused liver of a freshwater air-breathing catfish Clarias batrachus under aniso-osmotic conditions: roles of inorganic ions and taurineGoswami, Carina; Saha, Nirmalendu
8-Mar-2010Functional ureogenesis and adaptation to ammonia metabolism in Indian freshwater air-breathing catfishesSaha, Nirmalendu; Ratha, B K
8-Mar-2010Influence of cell volume changes on protein synthesis in isolated hepatocytes of air-breathig walking catfish (Clarias batrachus)Biswas, Kuheli; Jyrwa, Lucy M; Haussinger, Dieter; Nirmalendu, Saha