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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Microbial decomposition of pine (Pinus kesiya) litter: an ecological studyDas, Pijush Kanti
1980Studies on the ecological impact of shifting agriculture - Jhum - on forested ecosystemParkash, Om
1980Crystal growth, optical, vibrational spectroscopic investigations of some organic, inorganic and semiorganic nonlinear optical crystalsSingh, Atar
1980Geomorphology and rural settlements in Khasi and Jaintia hills, MeghalayaPanda, Prakash
1980Studies on microflora of a freshwater lake : an ecological approachTiwari, Brajesh Kumar
1980Study on the monocot flora of MeghalayaMyrthong, Spenliwell
1980Defending intellectual freedomOboler, Eli M
1981Some physiological and biochemical studies on the effects of the fruits of a piscicidal plant Zanthoxylum armatum DC, Z, alatum roxb, on freshwater fishesRamanujam, S N
1981A comparative study of reproductive strategies of two common weeds of MeghalayaTrivedi, Sudhir
1981Studies on soil microbial population of Jhum fallows of different agesDeka, Hirany Kumar
1981Observations on ecological adaptation of a forest ecosystem with emphasis on some tree speciesBoojh, Ram
1981Ecological studies on Jhum fallows of Byrnihat - Meghalaya - with particular reference to soil faunaVatsauliya, Pramod Kumar
1981Gandhis philosophy of manPanigrahi, Shephali
1981Ecological studies on mycorrhizae of pineSharma, Gauri Dutt
1981Studies on some aspects of the ecology and biology of Channa gachua - Hamilton and Channa stewartii - PlayfairKaur, Sukhbeer
1981Studies on the breeding and rearing of Cyrinus carpio communis L, and Labeo rohita (Ham) in the altitudinal situations of Meghalaya along with an experiment on composite fish cultureThangkhiew, Donbor Roy
1981Radiobiological studies in solasodine yielding solanumsRavindran, S
1981Contributions to the comparative biology of Eupatorium speciesDev, Papiya
1981Studies on the adaptive strategy of a few selected tree species of the North-Eastern IndiaShukla, Ravindra Prasad
1981Studies on different Jhum (slash and burn agriculture) patterns and population dynamics of a few weedy speciesKushwaha, Satya Prakash Singh