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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960Studies on certain physiological, and biochemical aspects of vision in some arthropodsDey, Sudip
1978Regional structure of Karbi anglong and North cachar hillsPhangsho, P C
1978Regional structure of HanipurDeua Simgh, N
1979Studies on certain aspects of ecology and development of Rana limnocharis wiegmannRoy, Debjani
1979Capital and Labour coefficients in small scale industries of meghalaya: a case study of inter firm inter industry and inter regional variationsGhosh, Sankar Kumar
1979Effect of agro-climatic variations on high yielding varieties of rice a case study of the lower Brahmaputra valleySahu, R
1979Regional structure of MeghalayaBhakta, G P
1979Geomorphology and Agriculture in Meghalaya plateauPatnaik, S N
1979The regional structure of Garo hillsMomin, P G
1979Social and economic structure of baghelkhandChauhan, Jai Singh
1980Studies on structural and functional aspects of two sub_tropical Humid forest types of MeghalayaSingh, Jasbi
1980Biology of cladocera in an altitudinal lake and the ponds of Shillong areaBhattacharya, Eidhan
1980On the taxonomy and biology of ephemeroptera mayflies of Meghalaya state, IndiaGupta, Abhik
1980Projective modules over certain class of rings and serres conjectureChoudhury, Sipra Paulc
1980Studies on establishment of the neural differentiation pattern in prospective prosencephallc area in the chick - Gallus domesticus - embryoChoudhury, Sabitry
1980Studies on biology and chromosome analysis of some teleostean fishes of North Eastern IndiaMajhi, Arabinda
1980Cohomology of groups and some applicationsRajkhowa, Pranjal
1980Ecosystem structure of a pine forest in North-East India with particular reference to consumer and decomposer arthropodsVikram Reddy, M
1980Study on the weed flora of agricultural lands and fishery tanks of MeghalayaNeogi, Bhaskar
1980Emerging patterns of agricultural Landuse in AssamChattaraj, S