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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2010A brief history of the catholic church in NagalandSyiemlieh, David R
24-Aug-2012Catholic missions among the Garos of Mymensingh: Some reflections of its early history (1902-1942)Syiemlieh, David R
24-Apr-2013Cherrapunji versus Darjeeling: The search for a sanatorium for the lower provinceSyiemlieh, David R
22-Mar-2012Control of the foothills: Khasi-Jaintia trade and markets in the late eighteenth centurySyiemlieh, David R
10-Jul-2011The crown colony plan for the hills of North East India: Concept to collapse 1941-1946Syiemlieh, David R
3-Sep-2010Diocese of Agartala: Ten years and onwardsSyiemlieh, David R
3-Sep-2010Disappeared and integrated: the Indo Portuguese in North East IndiaSyiemlieh, David R
7-Feb-2013The future of the hills of North-East India 1928-1947: Some British viewsSyiemlieh, David R
19-Apr-2011The integration of the Khasi states into the Indian unionSyiemlieh, David R
3-Sep-2010North East India: trends in historical writings 1947-1997Syiemlieh, David R
15-May-2010Percival spear: historian and indophileSyiemlieh, David R
27-Aug-2012Status of historical writing in KhasiSyiemlieh, David R
20-Aug-2010Status of historical writings in KhasiSyiemlieh, David R
6-Jan-2013Technology and socio-economic linkages of the Khasi-Jaintia in pre-colonial timesSyiemlieh, David R
28-Aug-2010They dare to hopeSyiemlieh, David R
12-Apr-2013Trade and markets in the Khasi Jaintia Hills: Changed conditions in the 19th and 20th centuriesSyiemlieh, David R
25-Apr-2011Traditional institutions of governance in the hills of North East India: The Khasi experienceSyiemlieh, David R
6-Dec-2011Two perceptions of U Tirot SinghSyiemlieh, David R