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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2010All-or-none N-glycosylation in primate follicle-stimulating hormone B-subunitsBousfield, George R; Butnev, Vladimir Y; Walton, Wendy J; Nguyen, Van T; Huneidi, Jennifer; Singh, Vinod; Kolli, V S Kumar; Harvey, David J; Rance, Naomi E
3-May-2010Characterization of human FSH isoforms reveals a nonglycosylated b-subunit in addition to the conventional glycosylated b-subunitWalton, Wendy J; Nguyen, Van T; Butnev, Vladimir Y; Singh, Vinod; Moore, William T; Bousfield, George R
9-Apr-2010Comparison of the cytotoxic effect of hormonotoxins prepared with the use of heterobifunctional cross-linking agents N-succinimidyl 3-(2-pyridyldithio)propionate and N-succinimidyl 6-[3-(2-pyridyldithio)propionamido]hexanoateSingh, Vinod; Mavila, Anil K; Kar, S K
24-Apr-2010Disulfide linked αoLH-gelonin conjugate failed to recombined with βoLH subunit to generate bioeffective hormonotoxinSingh, Vinod; Curtiss III, Roy
24-Apr-2010Hormonotoxins: the role of positive charge of lysine residue on the immunological, biological and cytotoxic properties of ovine lutropin-S-S-gelonin conjugatesSingh, Vinod; Curtiss III, Roy
3-Aug-2010Inositol phosphate stimulation by LH requires the entire a Asn56 oligosaccharideNguyen, Van T; Singh, Vinod; Butnev, Vladimir Y; Gray, Ciann M; Westfall, Suzzanne; Davis, John S; Dias, James A; Bousfield, George R
19-Aug-2010Molecular characterization of tumor associated antigen in mice exposed to a hepatocarcinogenAlam, Anis; Singha, Laishram Indira; Singh, Vinod
25-Mar-2010Radiomodulatory effect of liposome encapsulated AK-2123 on tumor in mice exposed to hepatocarcinogenAlam, Anis; Rapthap, Chowphi Chen; Singha, Laishram Indira; Sharan, R N; Singh, Vinod