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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2012Agricultural development in India: A regional analysisSingh, Surendra
26-Mar-2010Agricultural regionalisation in IndiaSingh, Surendra
24-Apr-2010Assessment of agriculture man-power in the Ganga-Jamuna DoabSingh, Surendra
27-Apr-2010Biophysical attributes influencing yield of summer rice in Brahmaputra valleySingh, Surendra
20-Jan-2013Conceptual frame and strategies for introducing environmental educationSingh, Surendra
27-Apr-2010CSSM, crop-ecological sustainability simulation model: A spatio-temporal crop-yield analysis tool (Monograph)Singh, Surendra
30-Apr-2010Determinants of crop intensity in the Assam PlainsSingh, Surendra; Sharma, Bimal
30-Apr-2010Determinants of labour productivity in tea cultivation in the upper Brahmaputra valleySingh, Surendra; Daimari, T C
7-Dec-2010Effect of cyanophage N-1 development on nitrogen metabolism of cyanobacterium nostoc muscorumKashyap, A K; Rai, A N; Singh, Surendra
24-Apr-2010Environmental management and sustainable development in mountainsSingh, Surendra
29-Apr-2010Identification and phasing of agricultural development in Rohilkhand, Uttar PradeshSingh, Surendra
28-Apr-2010Impact of settlement size and pattern on the locational system of facility distribution.Singh, Surendra
14-Feb-2012Landuse patterns in MeghalayaSingh, Surendra
21-Apr-2010Levels of input-output relationship in the agriculture of Uttar PradeshSingh, Surendra
24-Apr-2010Measurement of agriculture productivity - A case study of Uttar Pradesh, IndiaSingh, Surendra; Chauhan, V S
23-Mar-2010Modelling structure and functions of agricultural yield potentialSingh, Surendra
9-Apr-2010An optimisation towards spatio-functional decentralisation and area developmentSingh, Surendra
26-Mar-2010Optimizing the spatial structure of the Agricultural production function.Singh, Surendra
12-Apr-2010Predicting summer rice yield based on biophysical and technological parameters on monsoon lands of Brahmaputra valley, IndiaSingh, Surendra; Sharma, Bimal; Dey, P P
16-Apr-2012Prediction of runoff in the UM-Lah catchment of extremely humid area of Cherrapunji, IndiaSingh, Surendra; Syiemlieh, Hiambok