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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2013Analysis of wasp-waisted hysteresis loops in magnetic rocksKharwanlang, R S; Shukla, Prabodh
16-Feb-2010Behavior of a neural network with three-spin interactionsShukla, Prabodh; Bajpai, R P
22-Feb-2010Classical and Quantum Spherical Models of Spin-glasses: A Complete Treatment of Statistics and Dynamics.Shukla, Prabodh; Singh, Surjit
16-Feb-2010Comment on "supersymmetric phase transition"Shukla, Prabodh
16-Feb-2010Distribution of avalanche sizes in the hysteretic responce of the raman-field ising model on a bethe lattice at zero temperatureShukla, Prabodh; Sabhapandit, Sanjib; Dhar, Deepak
7-Apr-2010Dynamics of bootstrap percolationShukla, Prabodh
16-Feb-2010Exact solution of return hysteresis loops in a one-dimensional random-field ising model at zero temperatureShukla, Prabodh
3-Apr-2010Hysteresis in neural networksShukla, Prabodh; Sinha, Tapas Kumar
1-Sep-2011Hysteresis in the antiferromagnetic random-field Ising model at zero temperatureKurbah, Lobisor; Shukla, Prabodh
16-Feb-2010Hysteresis in the random-field ising model and bootstrap percolationShukla, Prabodh; Dhar, Deepak; Sabhapandit, Sanjib
3-Apr-2010Learning from examples in feedforward boolean networksShukla, Prabodh; Sinha, Tapas Kumar
8-Mar-2010Magnetization-driven random-field ising model at T=0Illa, Xavier; Rosinberg, Martin-Luc; Shukla, Prabodh; Vives, Eduard
16-Feb-2010Renormalisation group study of liquid crystalline order in two dimensionsShukla, Prabodh; Deuri, R
22-Feb-2010Spin Glass Dynamics in the Spherical Models.Shukla, Prabodh; Singh, Surjit
3-Apr-2010Theory of the dynamics of the hopfield model of associative memoryShukla, Prabodh
16-Feb-2010Two-dimensional neutral coulomb gasShukla, Prabodh
31-Mar-2010Voter dynamics on an Ising ladder: coarsening and persistenceShukla, Prabodh
29-Mar-2010Zero-temperature hysteresis in a random-field ising model on a bethe lattice: approach to mean-field behavior with increasing coordination number zXavier, Illa; Shukla, Prabodh; Vives, Eduard
16-Feb-2010Zero-temperature hysteresis in the random-field ising model on a bethe latticeShukla, Prabodh; Dhar, Deepak; Sethna, James P