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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2010Commerce education in India an essay on its past, present and futureShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
30-May-2012Commerce education in India: An essay on its past, present and futureShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
26-Apr-2010Corporate governance in public sector banks- Issues and challengesPati, A P; Shrotryia, Vijay Kumar
11-May-2010Corporate governance in public sector banks-issues and challengesPati, Ambika Prasad; Shrotryia, Vijay Kumar
3-Nov-2010Cultural, industrialisation and multiple domains of employees job satisfaction: a case for HR strategy redesign in IndiaLange, Thomas; Pacheco, Gail; Shrotryia, Vijay Kumar
30-Apr-2010Development and rural happiness-issues, challenges and strategiesShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
14-May-2010Effective decision makingShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
12-May-2010Employees as an asset: A conceptual debateShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
12-May-2010Government accounting practices in BhutanShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
10-May-2010Gross national happiness: learning lessons from a tiny kingdom (Bhutan)Shrotryia, Vijay Kumar
12-May-2010Happiness and development-public policy initiatives in the kingdom of BhutanShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
6-May-2010Happiness as a priority over development - some evidences from the kingdom of BhutanShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
10-May-2010Historical cost versus replacement cost accounting for human potentialShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
30-Apr-2010How happy are the people in Bhutan? A study from the perspective of quality of lifeShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
14-May-2010Human factor in future: A challenge of the changeShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
13-May-2010Human resource accounting practices in Bharat Heavy Electricals LimitedShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
13-May-2010Inflow of tourists in Meghalaya: A study for the period 1997-2004Shrotryia, Vijay Kumar; Dkhar, Priya Juving Rai
14-May-2010Intangibles: Identification, management and futureShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
12-May-2010Managing employees through human resource accountingShrotryia, Vijay Kumar
14-May-2010Managing stressShrotryia, Vijay Kumar