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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2012Characterization of free-living cyanobacterial strains and their competence to colonize rice rootsAkoijam, Chingkheihunba; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Rai, Amar Nath
16-Dec-2010Induction of sporulation by sulphate limitation in nostoc ANTH, a symbiotic strain capable of colonizing roots of rice plantsKyndiah, Omarlin; Rai, Amar Nath
17-Dec-2010Isolation and characterization of a chlorate-resistant mutant (Clo-R) of the symbiotic cyanobacterium nostoc ANTH: Heterocyst formation and N2-fixation in the presence of nitrate, and evidence for separate nitrate and nitrite transport systemsBhattacharya, Jyotirmoy; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Rai, Amar Nath
11-Apr-2011Isolation and characterization of a mastigocladus species capable of growth, N2-fixation and N-assimilation at elevated temperatureKhumanthem, Nonibala; Syiem, Mayashree B; Singh, Arvind K; Rai, Amar Nath
16-Dec-2010Methylammonium uptake thermophilic cyanobacterium, mastigocladus laminosusKhumanthem, Nonibala; Singh, Arvind K; Syiem, Mayashree Borthakur; Rai, Amar Nath
8-Dec-2010Nitrogen metabolismRai, Amar Nath
20-Dec-2010Nitrogen metabolism, aritificial association study in two cyanobacterial isolates and assessment of their potential as biofertilizerSyiem, Mayashree Borthakur; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Rai, Amar Nath; Khumanthem, Nonibala; Singh, Rajkumar Somendrajit; Adhikari, Samrat; Bhattacharjee, Amrita
14-Dec-2010Role of cyanobacteria in cadmium bioremediation in rice fieldsBhattacharjee, Amrita; Nongrum, Natasha A; Syiem, mayashree B; Adhikari, Samrat; Rai, Amar Nath
16-Dec-2010Role of proline in management of NaCI and pH stress in cyanobacteriaNongrum, Natasha A; Bhattacharjee, Amirta; Syiem, Mayashree B; Rai, Amar Nath