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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2013Aspects of historiography of North East IndiaNag, Sajal
23-Jun-2013Contesting marginality: Ethnicity, insurgency and subnationalism in North-East IndiaNag, Sajal
26-Feb-2014Economic roots of the regional capitalists class: A study of the primitive accumulation of the marwari community in colonial AssamNag, Sajal
4-Aug-2013The ideology of kingship in Medieval Assam: A preliminary lookNag, Sajal
10-Jan-2013India and North-East India: Minds, politics and the process of integration (1946-1950)Nag, Sajal
5-Aug-2013Language, class and superstructure: A study in aspects of nationality formation in 19th century AssamNag, Sajal
5-Dec-2011Peace and cultural spaceNag, Sajal
6-Apr-2011Persisting questions (Review article of Social movements, old and new: a post modernist critique) by Rajendra SinghNag, Sajal; Srikanth, H
2-Apr-2013Pied pipers in North-East India: Bamboo-flower, rat-famine and the politics of philantrophy (1881-2007)Nag, Sajal
3-Dec-2013Religion and ethnicity in class formation: Aspects of peasant class composition in colonial Assam in the context of communalismNag, Sajal
2019Secessionism and insurgency: Indian episodeNag, Sajal
2019Selling integrationNag, Sajal
27-Feb-2013Social reaction to Bania exploitation: A study of ideological revolt of the Assamese against merchants and usurers as found in a nineteenth century poetry collectionNag, Sajal
7-Oct-2010Social roots of linguistic communalism in colonial AssamNag, Sajal
13-Dec-2011Turmoil in the abode of clouds: Ethnic conflict in MeghalayaNag, Sajal