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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2010The age of professor Narmadeshwar JhaMishra, S K
26-Apr-2010An algorithm for fitting an archimedeam spiral to empirical dataMishra, S K
26-Apr-2010An algorithm to generate variates with desired intercorrelation matrixMishra, S K
28-Apr-2010Analysis of gender disparity in Meghalaya by various types of composite indicesMishra, S K
12-May-2010Assessment of the contribution of forest to the economy of the Northeastern states of IndiaBarik, S K; Mishra, S K
26-Apr-2010The barter method: a new heuristic for global optimization and its comparison with the particle swarm and the differential evolution methodsMishra, S K
3-May-2010A brief history of production functionsMishra, S K
27-Apr-2010A comparative study of various inculsive indices and the index constructed by the principal components analysisMishra, S K
27-Apr-2010A comparative study on fitting of geilis curves by classical versus generalized simulated annealing methodsMishra, S K
28-Apr-2010Completing correlation matrices of arbitrary order by differential evolution method of global optimization: a fortran programMishra, S K
27-Apr-2010Construction of an index by maximization of the sum of its absolute correlation coefficients with the constituent variablesMishra, S K
21-Nov-2010Construction of an index: a new methodMishra, S K
12-May-2010Construction of compositeiIndices in presence of outliersMishra, S K
26-Apr-2010Determinants of quality of life in Dimapur and NagalandMishra, S K; Ngullie, M L
23-Aug-2011Disparities in educational achievement of various communities in Senapati district, ManipurGoel, N P; Mishra, S K
8-May-2013Disparities in globalization of the world economiesMishra, S K; Kumar, Binod
13-May-2010Does the journal impact factor help make a good indicator of academic performance?Mishra, S K
27-Apr-2010Economics of higher education micro analysis of private colleges in NagalandMishra, S K; Jamir, Temjenzulu
3-May-2010Econonics of private schooling industry in Kohima, Nagaland (INDIA)Mishra, S K; Rio, Kevizakie
27-Apr-2010Estimation of production possibility surface from empirical dataMishra, S K