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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2012Changing dimensions of rice in Garo foodwaysMarak, Queenbala
19-Aug-2010Child rearing practice among the plain dwelling Garos of goalpara DistrictMedhi, Birinchi K; Marak, Queenbala
30-Oct-2010Child-rearing practices among the Garo of Assam in matrilineal contextMedhi, B K; Marak, Queenbala
19-Aug-2010Child-rearing practices among the garo of Assam in matrilineal contextMedhi, B K; Marak, Queenbala
14-Dec-2010Comfort food: its significance in Garo societyMarak, Queenbala
26-May-2010Discipline in child rearing process: a case study among the garos of AssamMarak, Queenbala
2010Food identity and difference an anthropological study among the GarosMarak, Queenbala
7-Dec-2010Garo subsistence diet: a modern day perspectiveKakati, Rani; Marak, Queenbala
15-Mar-2011Jagua Nakam: a look into its properties, and its revelations on Garo lifewaysMarak, Queenbala
2-Apr-2012Revisiting playfair's the Garos: A century laterMarak, Queenbala
16-Mar-2011Role and status of Sakachep women and their self help groupMarak, Queenbala
16-Mar-2011Sex typing of children's tasks: A study among the Garos of AssamMarak, Queenbala
7-Mar-2012Stone age archaeology in Garo Hills: Some issuesMarak, Queenbala
19-Aug-2010Supernatural beliefs connected with childbirth among the garos of AssamMarak, Queenbala
17-Aug-2010The use of analog in the interpretation of prehistoric cultures: a study among the garos of garo hills, MeghalayaMarak, Queenbala